Our Adventures in Homeschooling and Life

Friday, July 23, 2010

Space Mural

Here is some more progress on the space mural. We’re almost finished. This is Eric’s mural. He is so proud of it. He even made a point to say he was attempting to make Orion’s Belt out of the stars.

Oceans Unit

We finished the Oceans book and oceans mural today! Yeah! It looks awesome. Eric totally loves them. When we were done he insisted on showing his big bubba what we did. And he had a whole story about how the shark was attacking the dolphin but the whale was trying to stop it. Then the sword fish was going after the whale, and the salmon were trying to stop the sword fish and the hammer head shark was trying to help the whale. And while all this is happening, the orange octopus was hiding in the orange cave blending in and avoiding it all. It was so cute. His story had a little more detail but that’s the main parts. He was giving me so much info about all these animals too. It was adorable. I loved it.

Thursday, July 8, 2010


We have been having issues with Eric thinking he doesn’t have to do his fair share of the house work. He will make huge mess when eating and leave it. Or when he goes to the bathroom he will not even lift the seat or not pay attention and pee anywhere. So, for the next few days he is cleaning the entire kitchen and bathroom alone. He doesn’t like it too much, but hopefully this will help him. He’s only 8, almost 9, but in our house we work as a team. Everyone has responsibilities, which include chores. And every does their fair share, according to age and such. It just makes things work easier. And if you do a little at a time every day, you can keep the house work down to a minimum. It doesn’t seem overwhelming and the house stays picked up. We save the major cleaning for when we rearrange. There’s more to life than constant cleaning. That’s why be believe in clean enough. Not spotless, but clean enough!

Reading Progress

We have made huge progress with Eric’s reading. He was struggling so much several months ago. No confidence and refused to sound anything out. Now, he is reading a ton of books. It is awesome. He is really trying and it makes me so happy to see that.

Oceans Mural

We are almost done with Eric’s Oceans mural. We have the back ground completely colored and hung on the wall. Now he just has to finish all his sea animals, cut them out and hang them up as well. We are a long way from finishing the Oceans unit though. Eric is loving it. I have been finding “I Can Read” books on paper back swap for him to read. He is learning about a different animal each week.

Silly Kids

My kids are so silly. We got the this bow and arrow kit because they are learning about the middle ages right now, we like to look for games, toys or anything related to what they are studying to help with their experience. We put it in “The Store” and my oldest purchased it this last Sunday. Well, my youngest walked into his brothers’ room without knocking so he shot him with the arrow right in the head and it stuck there. It was hilarious!!! So, I had to capture the moment and then of course because we are nuts my youngest played dead and my oldest pretended to shoot him again. Ahhh, the silly things we do!

Living outside the world of time

I know it’s been several days since I’ve posted anything. Last week my hubby took vacation all week. We decided to totally relax in our own way. The kids got the week off from lessons. And we decided not to live in the world of time. We went to bed when we were tired, got up when we wanted, ate when we were hungry, didn’t pay any attention to the clock and basically had no schedule at all! It was so awesome and relaxing. We ended up doing a lot of work around the house, but we totally enjoyed every bit of it. We rearranged every room in the house except the bathrooms. Hubby even retiled the bathroom floor. We even took the kids for ice cream twice, out to lunch once and dinner once. We watched a movie almost every evening and still had time to do tons of other things. We even took 1 day and drove 3 hours one way to visit my husband’s grandma and aunt. One the way back we stopped by my dad’s and visited him. It was the most relaxing time we’ve had in long time. Even though we we’re totally busy the whole time. The last 2 days we started to feel that it was going to come to an end soon. The feeling that we would have to get back on schedule was sinking in and we didn’t like it. Lol. It was the best vacation we’ve had!!! I totally LOVE my family and LOVE spending every minute with them!