Our Adventures in Homeschooling and Life

Thursday, April 21, 2011

A day at the Zoo

A great day at the OKC Zoo. Got up super early this morning to drive 1 1/2 hours to the city for the Science Fest at the Zoo. It was a bit chilly and it tried to sprinkle on us but we had a great time. We say reptiles, birds, rhinos, gorillas, monkeys, tortoises, great cats and much much more. It was a day of fun!

Friday, April 15, 2011

A Simple Womans Day Book

Outside my window... It is soooooo windy. The wind will literally blow you away if you step outside. I am thinking... I wish my headache would go away. I am thankful for...A wonderful husband who is so supportive and caring and takes care of me when I'm sick. From our classroom... The kids did real well this week with all their lessons. They did several crafts for History. I am wearing... My capris, I bought them a little bit for comfort a few months ago but they are really gonna be too big if I keep losing weight like I am. :P I'm also wearing my purple shirt I got from CATO last year. I love my purple shirt. From the Kitchen... We had homemade, healthy pizzas for dinner. They were delicious. I am creating... A healthier life. I am going... I am reading... Last Sacrifice...when I have time to read I am hoping... I feel better this weekend and my weight loss for the week is still awesome... Around the house... I'm on the computer, little bit is watching TV in his room, and hubby and eldest went to try and get a movie from blockbuster. One of my favorite things... Seeing a weight loss when I weight in on Saturdays A few plans for the weekend... Not much going on this weekend. Planning the menu, grocery list, working on coupons, and spending time with my family. Plans for next week... Catch up on some unfinished "school" projects, have the kids make a "zoo" journal, relax, make sure the kids get plenty of chill time and go to the zoo on Thursday.

Homeschool Mother’s Journal

In my life this week... Lets see, I was sick all week. Some kind of stomach bug. In our homeschool this week...But the kids were fine and did all their lessons. Places were going and people were seeing... We went no where all week. Too sick. My favorite thing this week was...The kids actually doing thier lessons and chores and not torturing me too much. Whats working/not working for us...The history pockets are becoming a lot of work. I didn't realize it would talk 2 full sheets of construction paper per pocket. What kind of construction paper are the creators of history pockets using, cause in the normal world theres like one size. Homeschool questions/thoughts...I worry about my youngest. He has always wanted to learn but he learns in a different way and its taken a while to figure out his learning style. So, according to PS standards he's behind. He just started reading this year after he turned 9, he's not spelling real well, and he's not even close to writting sentenses and such. 'sigh'

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

A Simple Womans Day Book

Outside My Window... I can hear birds chirping

I am thinking....about the day and everything that needs to be done.

I am thankful family

From our classroom...well we ended up having a fun week. Thats what we call our weeks when we dont do our scheduled lessons and just focus on playing games, playing outside, and sometimes anything that needs to be done around the house.

From the kitchen...Last night I made smothered pork chops. Everyone loved them. Thank you weight watchers recipes! lol

I am loose capris and my flowy mom shirt, all from CATO's

I am creating...healthy habits

I am run a few errands today. Walmart, go on base and pick up some stuff, get my hair cut.

I am reading...Vamp academy last book

I am hearing... my boys in the kitchen. The youngest is emptying the dishwasher and oldest is fixing his breakfast.

One of my favorite things...when my boys can be in the same room together and they aren't fighting. lol

A few plans for the rest of the week...Take my dad to the city tomorrow, finish my cleaning and to do list I made for the week, rearrange youngest sons room and finish rearranging family room.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Homeschool Mother’s Journal

In my life this week... Not much to tell. Normal week. In our homeschool this week... "School" went well this week. The kids completed all their assignments and my youngest even did a spelling test and aced it! I was sooo proud. Places we're going and people we're seeing... Going to visit my dad tomorrow My favorite thing this week was... The spelling test with my youngest What's working/not working for us... Last year my youngest could barely read and certain do the Total Language Plus for English. But this week he is reading The Sign of the Beaver and working out the Total Language Plus book. And he even took a spelling test. The book had him do jumping jacks while spelling out his words during the week. So, yesturday when he was taking his spelling test he tapped out the words and remembered how to spell them. I was so proud! Homeschool questions/thoughts I have... I feel sorry for some of the PS kids who are forced to read too early. Not all kids are ready to read at such young ages. My son is a prime example. He didn't really start reading until he was 9 years old! Which can be considered late by some people. But he has always been unique. He does things his own way. And still does. Its one of the things that drives me crazy about him but its also one of the things that I love about him.

A Simple womans day book

Outside my window...

The sun is shining...

I am thinking...

About everything I have to get done this weekend

I am thankful for...

My loving husband

From our classroom...

Last night we made a sweet Lassi drink...a drink from India...the kids liked it! From the kitchen...

I am trying to have a light breakfast, a yogurt with granola and I'm shooting for a light lunch, I have weight today around 12. Then we'll grill this evening.

I am wearing...

My jean capris and my favorite grey shirt from CATO.

I am creating...

Lessons and memories

I am going...

To run lots of errands this weekend and visit my dad

I am reading...

Last Sacrifice, A vampire academy novel by Richelle Mead

I am hoping...

To be able to finish everything I need to this weekend

I am hearing...

The sounds of my little ones running around the house enjoying a Saturday morning

Around the house...

Eric is emptying the dishwasher, John is getting dressed and our guest Aly is playing in Eric's room, waiting for them to go back in there so they can finish playing their toy story game.

One of my favorite things...

Being a stay at home mom

A few plans for the rest of the weekend...

Goodwill, CATO, Country Mart, Walgreens, Walmart, Weight In, Grill, Mow the yard, Weedeat the yard, Mop the kitchen, work on lessons, Get next weeks zone chores together, ride bikes and visit my dad.