Our Adventures in Homeschooling and Life

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Eric's Birthday

Eric got a gift card from his Grandma Kelly & Grandpa Jim to Walmart. Eric did a great job with his choices. He was able to get a Shirt that came with headphones, a movie(Ghost Rider), 2 benten toys (that came in one package), a big Powerade & a candybar. He was thrilled and I was so proud at how frugal he was. Eric decided he wanted breakfast for dinner tonight. (He choose cause its his bday) He really enjoys the funny face pancakes from IHOP. So, we made it for him.

Who says you can't bring IHOP home. LOL
We even got him go gurt(which we never buy) But it was a special occasion.

His party is on Saturday. But my baby boy turned 10 today. They grow up so fast.

Travelers meet Sam

Our flat travelers, Ginger & Zoroark got to met Sam. Another member of our family. He is a Gecko. Sam was saying hi to Zoroark

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Hoo Are you?

Here's this weeks questions!

1. Do you exercise regularly, and what do you do?

2. Do you have any weird sleeping habits?

3. How often do you vacuum?

4. Do you accessorize and if so what is your favorite thing to accessorize with?

5. What is you favorite drink during the summer time?

Here are my answers!

1. Do you exercise regularly, and what do you do?

I try to exercise at least 3 times a week and the weekends we run several errands to I get in extra walking. I use the Wii and The Biggest Loser, Ea Active & occasionally Wii Fit Plus. I also have a stability ball, arm weights, a thigh master (lol), a pedeling thing and boxing equipment. I try to change things up and keep them interesting.

2. Do you have weird sleeping habits?

I don't know if they're weird but I sleep with several pillows, at least 2 under my head, I fall asleep on my back most of the time, but I turn and sleep on either side. I like to be close enough to hubby at night to feel him.

3.How often do you vacuum?

I vacuum once a week, on Thrusday, if possible.

4. Do you accessorize and if so what is your favorite thing to accessorize with?

I don't know if you call it accessorizing but I have certain earrings and necklaces I wear. They are all to random to mention.

5. What is you favorit drink during the summer time?

Sweet tea. (lightly sweetened & super cold)

Now its your turn to play!

Here's how it works, once a week(hopefully) or so I will post a few questions. They can be What's your favoite color to Whats your favorite movie?

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Please answer the questions on your blog not in the comment spot.

Have Fun!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

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Monday, August 8, 2011

Homeschool Mother's Journal

In my life this week...
Well, lets see. Got tons of stuff to do. I'm working my way through my amazing new Ebooks purchase on Organizing Life as Mom, Blogging & homeschooling. Love it. Its helping me stay so organized, which I LOVE. I am an organizing kinda person.
I've got a menu t plan this week and a grocery list. Gonna try to do some stocking up.
Oldest has a scout meeting this week and youngest is turning 10 on the 10th. LOL. My baby boy is growing up.

In out homeschool this week: The boys are working on lessons this week and will have next week off. I planned this week off cause my youngests birthday is on Wednesday but since his party is Saturday he wanted the week after so he can spend all week with his birthday presents.
We are working on the boys effort, handwriting and sloppiness of their lessons. They have been half ass doing lessons(and chores) and its time to put a stop to it.

Places were going and people were seeing...
This week were going to a scout meeting and Saturday were having friends over to celebrate our youngests birthday.

My favorite things this week is...
My youngests birthday

Whats working/whats not working for us...
The kids have been half ass doing lessons and chores and it doesn't work. We implemented some new rules(or brought back some old ones) and consequences too. They aren't too thrilled about it but they gotta deal with it.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Homeschool Mother's Journal

In my life this week:
Well, its been a busy and a bit stressful week. Monday hubby and I got a coupon from Chilis for a dinner for 2 and decided we'd have a date night. It was nice. No kids. We dropped them off at a friends to go swimming while we went out. Tuesday we had to drive down to Wichita Falls, about 45 minutes away. We do this once a month to visit my dad. This time he decided he wanted to take up shopping since I wouldnt get our food stamps in until the 10th of the month, some new thing the government is doing. We had food covered but when my dad sets his mind to something theres no stopping him. He can be a stubborn man. Well, that took a lot longer than expected since he moves quite slow nowadays. We didn't get home until around 9. Which throws our evening schedule off.
Wednesday we managed to stay home and cook dinner. It was nice. Thursday we went out to CiCi's, not my favorite place but hubbys boss at work takes the guys and their families out there once a month when they make their hours at work. So, free dinner.
And Friday night we were suppose to have dinner and a movie at home. Friday nights are usually reserved for Pizza, take out or some finger type food. We were suppose to have nachos. But the kids upset me so much, then I smashed my finger in the door as we were leaving to go get a movie I told them I wasn't cooking so hubby ordered us Chinese.
Today we have some errands to run and hubby and youngest are going to the races tonight. Tomorrow will be just as busy with me working on lessons.
The kids decided not to do their zone chores this week too. I wasnt very happy about that decision.
In our homeschool this week:
The boys have decided to do half ass work this week and sloppy work. Its really upsetting me. I know they want to finish their lessons and move on but when they scribble color printouts I have printed for them and their writing is unreadable, thats just unacceptable. They had a reward each week for doing good, readable work and completeing their chores. They could get a movie rental when we go to Hastings. But they have not earned that reward since we implemented in two weeks ago. I have to come up with another way to motivate them to do better quality work. They certainly didnt set a good example for our visiting guests, Ginger and Zoroark. (Our flat travelers)
This past week we saw our friend Amy when the kids went to swim at her house, my dad, Hubbys works buddies and boss, and our friend/High Priestess Mary.
My favorite thing this week would have to be when hubby and I had a date night. Its been so long since thats happened. We usually have the kids with us all the time.
Whats working/whats not...well a lot isnt working. The kids not doing their lessons, their chores and me being totally stressed!

Im hoping next week will be more calm and the kids get thier stuff done. But with our youngest turning 10 next week I don't know what kind of crazy week we will have.

Friday, August 5, 2011

weight loss progress

I weighted myself this morning and I have lost another 1.8 pounds! Hell Yeah! I love it! I was soooo happy when I saw that number. Its awesome! I am less than 3 pounds away from my 10% goal(30 pounds). I can't believe how this weight coming off. Its just amazing. Its quite simple if I put my mind to it. If I watch how much and what I eat and try to exercise at least 3 days a week. If I'm hungry I eat. I don't stress over anymore. I just watch how much I eat. And I try to work in veggies and fruit into every meal or snack. Eatting more fruit and veg really does help. It makes me feel better. When I slack off too much on the fruit or veg my body so tells me about it.

Another positive thing might be happening. MIGHT. I wont know for sure until the end of the month. And it could just be a one time thing. But I have had problems with my period for a few years. I have had it start and not stop before, twice actually, and nearly kill me. Luckily as it was starting for the third time I found a doctor that knew right away what was wrong with me. I wasn't working properly. My female parts weren't. So he put me in a little white pill, some kind of hormone thing, that I take the first 10 days of the month. It helps me have a normal period. One that starts and stops. Anyways, this month my period started 2 weeks early. I am crossing my fingers that I will stop this one normally and start again in 2 weeks. I know that sounds weird. I mean who wants 2 periods in 1 month? right? Well, I do. At least for now. See, if I have 2 periods one 1 month that means my body is working normally again! And I can stop the pills. So it is a good thing for me. As long as I can stop the pills and my periods stay normal.
As long as I keep up with the exercising and eatting right I should continue to have normal periods. *crossing fingers* LOL.
Anyways, that may be too mch info for a blog but I am an open and honest person. At least I ty to be. I never had anyone to talk to about personal things, still don't unless you count the hubby. No one told me about life or female things. So, I guess I talk about it openly to help other people as well. But thats just me.
Like me or leave me. LOL.
Well, I'm gonna do a happy weight loss dance and then have me some lunch. Thinking of a PB&J today. Yum!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011


Our boys were in scouts for several years. Our oldest joined as a Tiger and made it all the way through Cubs and into Boy Scouts. But then we got out cause we felt like we were doing way too much. And because we couldn't stand a leader. It got really bad with this leader. We tried switching packs but it didn't work so we eventually left scouts all together. We were gone about a year and half, maybe 2 years. When we returned scouts had gone to shit. At least around here. There are hardly any packs or troops. We finally managed to find a pack and troop and just wanted to come back as parents. Just help out here and there. But no, that couldn't happen.
There are not enough leaders. And 2 months in to the program we ae being sucked back in. Part of me enjoyed it and part of me didn't like the BS behind it all.
We'll see how things play out.

Monday, August 1, 2011

Date Night

Hubby and I had a date night tonight. Thanks to a coupon we got from chilis from their email club. Two margaritas, 1 appetizer, 2 entrees and 1 dessert for $35.
Its been a while since weve been out just the two of us. Quite a while. We have only been out just the two of a couple times since we've been together. We usually do everything with the kids. We're a close family but sometimes its good to be alone with your spouse. I felt a little guilty but it helped that I had a friends older some watch our youngest. They got to go swimming too, so it wasn't all bad. And we might try it again. Maybe even try a movie once with out the kids. If I can keep from feeling too guilty about going to the theaters without them.
It was a great dinner though. And we spoon fed eachother cheese cake at the end. I love my husband.