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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Eric's Birthday

Eric got a gift card from his Grandma Kelly & Grandpa Jim to Walmart. Eric did a great job with his choices. He was able to get a Shirt that came with headphones, a movie(Ghost Rider), 2 benten toys (that came in one package), a big Powerade & a candybar. He was thrilled and I was so proud at how frugal he was. Eric decided he wanted breakfast for dinner tonight. (He choose cause its his bday) He really enjoys the funny face pancakes from IHOP. So, we made it for him.

Who says you can't bring IHOP home. LOL
We even got him go gurt(which we never buy) But it was a special occasion.

His party is on Saturday. But my baby boy turned 10 today. They grow up so fast.


The Adventurer said...

Happy Birthday mine turns ten in less than 5 months. They grow up so fast:)

Magaly Guerrero said...

He looks happy indeed. And now I feel like breakfast for dinner. I don't even like eggs, but your pancakes, bacon and eggs look DELICIOUS!

I know it has been a few months already, but I hope Eric still enjoying his birthday ;-)

In my house birthdays are for royalty: the birthday person becomes queen or king for a day (they even get a bell to order the rest of us commoners around). It's quite fun, actually. My little Princess plans her menu with months of anticipation, while my Piano Man waits until the last minute.