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Saturday, August 6, 2011

Homeschool Mother's Journal

In my life this week:
Well, its been a busy and a bit stressful week. Monday hubby and I got a coupon from Chilis for a dinner for 2 and decided we'd have a date night. It was nice. No kids. We dropped them off at a friends to go swimming while we went out. Tuesday we had to drive down to Wichita Falls, about 45 minutes away. We do this once a month to visit my dad. This time he decided he wanted to take up shopping since I wouldnt get our food stamps in until the 10th of the month, some new thing the government is doing. We had food covered but when my dad sets his mind to something theres no stopping him. He can be a stubborn man. Well, that took a lot longer than expected since he moves quite slow nowadays. We didn't get home until around 9. Which throws our evening schedule off.
Wednesday we managed to stay home and cook dinner. It was nice. Thursday we went out to CiCi's, not my favorite place but hubbys boss at work takes the guys and their families out there once a month when they make their hours at work. So, free dinner.
And Friday night we were suppose to have dinner and a movie at home. Friday nights are usually reserved for Pizza, take out or some finger type food. We were suppose to have nachos. But the kids upset me so much, then I smashed my finger in the door as we were leaving to go get a movie I told them I wasn't cooking so hubby ordered us Chinese.
Today we have some errands to run and hubby and youngest are going to the races tonight. Tomorrow will be just as busy with me working on lessons.
The kids decided not to do their zone chores this week too. I wasnt very happy about that decision.
In our homeschool this week:
The boys have decided to do half ass work this week and sloppy work. Its really upsetting me. I know they want to finish their lessons and move on but when they scribble color printouts I have printed for them and their writing is unreadable, thats just unacceptable. They had a reward each week for doing good, readable work and completeing their chores. They could get a movie rental when we go to Hastings. But they have not earned that reward since we implemented in two weeks ago. I have to come up with another way to motivate them to do better quality work. They certainly didnt set a good example for our visiting guests, Ginger and Zoroark. (Our flat travelers)
This past week we saw our friend Amy when the kids went to swim at her house, my dad, Hubbys works buddies and boss, and our friend/High Priestess Mary.
My favorite thing this week would have to be when hubby and I had a date night. Its been so long since thats happened. We usually have the kids with us all the time.
Whats working/whats not...well a lot isnt working. The kids not doing their lessons, their chores and me being totally stressed!

Im hoping next week will be more calm and the kids get thier stuff done. But with our youngest turning 10 next week I don't know what kind of crazy week we will have.


Adamant Academy said...

Hey I think we are on the same traveling group at facebook! Following from the workbox group