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Monday, June 7, 2010

Latina Christiana

For our Latin we use Latina Christiana & my oldest uses Famous Men of Rome. “Latina Christiana was designed as a beginning course for students of all ages. Each lesson consists of ten vocabulary words, a set of grammar forms, and a Latin saying. Exercises reinforce memory work, teach systematic grammar, and provide simple translation. Prayers, songs, conversational Latin, history lessons, maps, and games add interest and motivation. Latina Christiana and Memoria Press' Famous Men of Rome make the perfect pair. Latina Christiana's teacher book includes a small, free study guide for Famous Men of Rome, and these heroic stories of 30 great Romans will make the study of Latin come alive. “ (from website…Latina Christiana). There are also lessons on DVD for the older ones and lessons on CD for the younger ones. Both my boys are really enjoying their Latin studies. I love when they substitute words for Latin ones when they talk.
We purchased our Latina Christiana curriculum from Christiana on Amazon. I have heard great things about other Latin curriculums, but I haven't been able to try them out due to their costs. I have found Latina Christiana is very affordable and works wonderfully for us. There are some Christian references, but you will find that in most Latin curriculum, but it is easily skipped with out missing out on anything.